Seine Gateway® Report

The AURH report on the prefiguration of the Seine Gateway® and on its key elements of implementation has just appeared!
Recall that AURH, project owner of the study, was accompanied by two study office for its realization: APSOLU and the CRITT Transport & Logistics.

The partners and the financial sponsors of the study are:

  • ports : the big Le Havre seaport (GPMH) - the big Rouen seaport (GPMR) - the fluvial Port of Paris - Ports of Normandy authority (PNA) ;
  • the town planning agencies:  AUCAME (Caen), APUR (PARIS), AUDAS (Seine Aval) ;
  • the authorities for administrative regions: Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie - Conseil Régional - de Haute-Normandie ;
  • Inland Waterways and Rivers Transport (VNF) ;
  • Logistics Seine Normandy (LSN).

This first conclusion of the study « Seine Gateway® » occurs to the term of a labour partnership than a year.
First phase of the study (6 months):

  • a work of benchmark with examples of gateways foreign,
  • the definition of strategic stakes.

Second phase of the study: (6 months):

  • the features of our model of gateway,
  • the structuring of Seine gateway® with mains components.

« Seine Gateway® 1.0 » is a roadmap to operationalize the Seine Gateway® project.

This report is intended to the sponsors of this study in first, to the partners of the AURH (local authorities, chambers of commerce,...) and to a large public (publics makers, business leaders,...).

You can contact us by email or at phone at +33(0) to order a copy.
An english version of this report be published at the beginning of the year 2013. It will be the contribution of the AURH to the action 3 of the weastflows project, the action « sustainable gateway ».