Port club in Paris (France)

In the network of the french urban planning public agencies (FNAU), the AURH participates actively to the meeting "Maritime and Ports", created in 2009 by the AGAM (town planning agency of Marseille) and the AURH (town planning agency of Le Havre).

This club meets the ports and town planning agencies concerned with the subject. We produced collectively two reports whose you will find the links below:

The last meeting of the "maritime club" of town planning agencies (FNAU) was organized by AURH and was held Friday, December 7, 2012 in Paris. The topic of this session was: "Economic networks, the port and her desserte."

This meeting is held to the following of the meeting on the concept of territorial Gateway, on the 13th last April. Concept illustrated in particular by the case of Seine Gateway® between Paris and Le Havre. This meeting has incorporated the ideas on cooperation between ports, European corridors, the logistics networks of hinterland and level of services, the added-value of logistic supply chain, the link between ports and employment,...

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