Note Seine Gateway®

March 2015
The Seine River Valley's response to massify flows and serve national and European hinterlands

Seine Gateway® poster n°2

The poster shows 4 maps on the theme: optimisation of Seine Gateway®, as a key link for the Le H...


April 2015
The open data mapping platform dedicated to transport and logistics in North-Western Europe

Forward-looking Atlas

April 2015
Freight transport in North-Western Europe: bottlenecks, missing links, underused infrastructures ...

Press release Analytical Atlas

November 2014
Publication of the Analytical Atlas of North-Western Europe Freight Transport

Analytical Atlas

October 2014
The freight transport in North-West Europe

Note on stage n°2

July 2014
Second flyer including an intermediary progress report on AURH's actions in the Weastflows project

Press release portal GeoWeastflows

February 2014
Launch of the online portal, GeoWeastflows

Note on stage n°1

June 2013
Intermediary progress report on AURH's actions in the Weastflows project

The Atlas of major North-West European freight infrastructures

June 2013
Major North-West European freight infrastructures. European program Weastflows

Seine Gateway® poster

The organisation of the economic development of Seine Valley

Seine Gateway® report 1.0

Artist's rendition and preview of the Seine Gateway® and key elements of its roll-out